I knew this day would come. The day that I wouldn’t know what to write about, and still I would have to do it because I had made the commitment to write. As I seat here, computer on my lap, I look around me and there’s a boy deep in imagination land, building with Lego and train tracks whilst he listens to his favorite audio book. A girl sitting across from me, drawing or painting. A curious dog with way too much energy because today she hasn’t been for a walk, yet? The night has already settled on this winter’s … Continue reading Attention

This week

This week I’ve noticed a lot of snowdrops are truly out, and the daffodils are coming right after… The days are also getting noticeably longer. Yes, it’s fair to say that Spring is knocking at the door.

Reading – For the past two or three weeks I’ve been obsessed with Noughts and Crosses, the books and the tv series. A second series has been announced, and I cannot wait!

If you’re looking for more reading inspiration, these were my top 9 from last year.

Listening – A lot has been discussed about “freedom” since this pandemic started; I’ve recently listened to this episode of thinking aloud, and I found it very interesting. The changing nature of these concepts are compelling in itself, and the program manages to fit in quite a lot of thought provoking information in only half an hour!

The discussion of freedom itself is very interesting, but I particularly appreciated what Annelien  Dijn said about Populism and it’s growth in Europe, because it’s something I’ve thought about a lot as well.

Making – I’ve so many projects in my mind, and fabric to use up. I’m hopping I can make time for some sewing this week.

Knitting – More socks of course! I said last week that I’m a comfort knitter, meaning that I’m usually not very adventurous with the patterns I use, but after 12 years of pretty much knitting the same pattern, I’ve decided to make a Peasant heel.

Cooking – I’m at the point of my Elimination diet where I’ve challenged almonds and cocoa, and so, to celebrate my birthday I made these delicious sweet potato brownies.

Gardening – With the growing days, and proximity of spring I’m starting to think and dream about gardening and planting. This video might help you if you’re just starting.

Thinking – I don’t really need another app, but this one is so tempting!!

What about you? What are you noticing in the natural world where you are? What projects are you working on?

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Camping wish list

I’m starting to think about holidays, you too? Have you made plans? We usually tend to do things very last minute, but for the past few months I’ve been thinking about a camping trip to Europe. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do! I used to wish that I could drive, or that we could buy a camper van, and this and that… A few months ago I asked myself: “What is stopping me from doing that?” Well, now I CAN drive (2 years ago I got my driving licence), so what exactly is stopping me? Perhaps fear of what … Continue reading Camping wish list

3 easy and versatile knitting patterns for babies and children 

These patterns can be knitted for boys and girls, from birth up to the age of around ten. Maybe I’m not a very adventurous knitter, but at this stage of life, I want to knit something that I know for sure that it’ll fit well and look good after many many washes. Perhaps I should say that I’m a practical knitter. These are the patterns that I tend to lean on when my children need sweaters. On a tangible level, Knitting gives me an opportunity to provide my children with warm clothes made with natural fibers, but it’s so much … Continue reading 3 easy and versatile knitting patterns for babies and children 

Hello, again

Why, Hello! It’s been nearly three years since I’ve last wrote here. This always happens to me; I’ve had blogs for like fifteen years? But I always end up deleting them… if I hadn’t, my blog could be one of those that says “est. circa 2007”, ah! Anyways, I’ve been feeling the urge to write here again, I think I like the idea of writing just for fun. I have been writing a lot for Uni, but this here feels a lot more relaxed: I don’t need to provide evidence for every single point I make, haha. Besides, I like … Continue reading Hello, again

how to make a wormery

Em Português um pouco mais abaixo, depois das fotografias. We moved into this flat two years ago, in attempt to reduce the waste that we send to landfill we made a little wormery. Ours is a small two bedroom, and we are a family of six, with no exterior space; I think it is safe to say: If we can do it, so can you! I will be honest, it does not take all our food scraps, but it helps! We also save some in the freezer, in paper bags and take them to the educational project where I volunteer … Continue reading how to make a wormery

inspiration and resources

This post is long overdue! On a post on facebook, about this interview with Yvonne Laborda, Paul’s gran said she would like to know more about home-education, so I said I would share some things that have inspired me. And then it occurred to me that it might be helpful to have those links written on a post where its easier to search for later on, in case it’s helpful to anyone else. I also thought that if I was to write something about home education on resources for inspiration,it might be helpful to share some of the resources I … Continue reading inspiration and resources

From Scotland

Voltámos da Escócia há uns dias atrás, onde fomos visitar familia, amigos e alguns dos nossos locais favoritos. Divertimo-nos muito, mas também é muito bom estar de volta a Portugal. Por lá, ficamos na casa de amigos e familia, e agora que estamso de volta à nossa casa, vim inspirada para pendurar mais fotografias nossas e para torná nossa casa um pouco mais “nossa” e confortável. Como sabiamos que não íamos ficar neste apartamento por muito tempo, nunca investi muita energia e tempo na casa, mas ficamos por mais tempo do que inicialmente anticipamos, e agoar estou determinada a aproveitar … Continue reading From Scotland

Salads that keep well

Em português, um pouco mais abaixo.   Salads are one thing that I would often omit from our meals. I mean, sometimes is a struggle just to cook a meal let alone a salad that will mostly be me eating it… Especially the green leaves variety… Is not just that though, it’s very hard to find green leaf salad package free, additionally, once they have the dressing you need to eat them straight way and the leaves don’t keep very well in the fridge. I have had good results by wrapping them in a damp cloth, so if you’re better … Continue reading Salads that keep well

One year of “zero waste”

Em Português mais abaixo. It’s been more than a year that I read that book, made myself a few muslin cotton bags and made a  commitment to reduce our waste and as back then I still struggle to use the term Zero Waste for many, many reasons, but for lack of a better shorter term, and because nowadays is so easily recognizable, I still use it, especially in tags on instagram and will keep using it to categorize this kind of posts, however, there are a few things I wanted to address here first. Even most of the more devotees to … Continue reading One year of “zero waste”