little happy things in the kitchen

A few things that have been making me happy in the kitchen this week:

A vegetarian cookbook for children is a rare thing. This one is beautiful, not full of baking stuff, instead it has a small collection of dishes that can actually be meals not just desert. Only thing I would say is that I would like to see more recipes…

The warmer days are upon us, and with it more frequent trips to the allotment which also means herbs regularly, especially now that I’m not buying them in a package.

The frequent trips to the garden also means more weeding, so the volunteer dandelions that come up where they shouldn’t I just pick them, bring them home and eat them. Eventually  the plant will weaken and stop producing, until another grows somewhere else… so is the nature of weeding…

Sprouting seeds has made an appearance again after a long time…

Well, this one didn’t actually made me happy to finish,but it makes me happy that I made it and used it up. Not to fear, there’s more  flavored vinegar coming, this time with ground ivy that I picked today.

Autumnal Equinox

Yesterday we celebrated the Autumnal Equinox with our friends at the home education group. We made a communal soup on a open fire, inspired by the stone soup story. We have been doing this for three years, and is something that I really recommend to do as a group when the weather gets colder. Each family brings a vegetable (just two or three is enough, you don’t need the full bag), then you cut it and throw it all in a pot. While the soup is cooking, you can tell the story of the stone soup, as we also did. Seasonal baking is also recommended, and we were lucky to enjoy that too!

It is a very special thing to come together like that! Food cooking and sharing is  a special thing indeed, besides it’s delicious too!

Garden update

After few days without setting foot at the allotment we went back to a full garden, full of berries and other beautiful and delicious things.

The highlight for me was to see the artichokes flowers, three in total! I have two plants. And to taste Juneberries for the first time, It’s the third year I have had the plant and this is the first time it has fruited. The berries are so similar to blueberries, and the taste very similar, tough less sweet, totally recommend it!

Another thing I really enjoyed from our last visit, it was to see how inspired the children felt to cook with our food. Once we arrived home they made fruit salad and crumble. Today one very lucky gran,  tasted a very garlicky salad made from rocket and radishes! She tried it and left the rest for later…

Em Português:

Depois de muitos dias sem termos ido à horta, quando lá chegamos estava a transbordar de fruta de bagas e outras coisas bonitas e deliciosas.

Gostei particularmente de ver as flores de alcachofras, três! Eu tenho duas plantas. E de experimentar pela primeira vez Juneberries. Em português parece que esta planta não tem nome vulgar, referindo-se apenas como Amelanchier ovalis, o seu nome latino, mas vi este post muito interessante sobre a presença da planta em Portugal. As bagas são muito parecidas aos mirtilos tanto como na aparência como no sabor, se bem que menos doces, mas recomendo vivamente!

Uma outra coisa que gostei imenso, foi de ver como as crianças ficaram inspiradas para cozinhas com a nossa comida, quando chegamos a casa fizeram logo uma salada de frutas e um crumble. Hoje a avó foi uma sortuda, pois recebeu de oferta uma salada com muito alho, nabos e rúcula, ela provou e deixou o resto para mais tarde…

In strawberry land / Na terra dos morangos


from our garden

Em Português mais abaixo.


Yesterday we went to pick strawberries at a pick your own farm, not far from Glasgow.

Today we made plain strawberry jam, strawberry and elder-flower jam, strawberry and lavender jam and strawberry and Greek yogurt ice cream… That’s a lot of strawberries right? In the afternoon I went to the allotments, and guess what? Yep, I brought home more strawberries…

And that last photo? That must be the biggest strawberry I’ve seen, which came from our very own garden!


Ontem fomos apanhar morangos numa quinta em que somos nós próprios que apanhamos a fruta.

Hoje fizemos doce de morango, doce de morango e flores de sabugueiro, doce de morango e alfazema e gelado de iogurte grego e morangos… é muitos morangos, não é? À tarde fui sozinha à horta, e? Pois é, trouxe para casa ainda mais morangos…

E aquela ultima fotografia? Deve ser o maior morango que eu já vi, e que veio da nossa própria horta!