Since my last post we are no longer looking for signs of Spring, instead we’ve been admiring the yellow daffodils for a couple of weeks, plenty of wild garlic, though not big enough to pick, yet, and too many shoots to name.

We celebrated the equinox by planting seeds, made wax egg candles, dyed some eggs and attempted to reach the top of Conic Hill, but only got to about a third. The day before Easter I made a wee willow basket to serve as a nest, you tube is amazing!

half way Conic Hill

a nice friendly Giant



After New Years eve we felt a shift, well,  me and Paul did. Before December 31st, whenever people asked me “when are you going?”, the answer would be: next year! But after Hogmanay I realized, it IS this year! In nine, eight, seven months… not that I’m counting!

Sometimes it’s so hard to explain, I’m mean, IT IS hard to explain, this yearning, desire, but mostly, need for a simpler life, more connected to the outdoors, to nature… so much to be said, one day I will write it all down, for now it’s all bubbling inside.

Anyway, so after that realization that it is happening this year, we have been getting ready; giving away or selling things we no longer use or need, and things that we are kind of essential but we don’t really need, like drawers for example. the children’s clothes are now stored in plastic tubs and next it’ll be ours. It is still a few months away but the idea is to get us all used to this system, so that this will become the familiar to make for a easier transition, or so I hope that it’ll help.

Before I was just excited, now I’m a bit scared too, which curiously I think is a good thing! I think it means I’m not just being a romantic, but more realistic.




rag rug

rag rug

So far I have find the hardest thing to part with is baby clothes!  Every time I go throw those boxes I take a few items to give away and now I’m OK with the quantity we have; but when most of the clothes they wear is second hand, by the time it makes the third child, well, they are no good to be taken to the charity shop, but I also couldn’t bring myself to all those in the bin, so I kept them in a basket in hopes of finding a suitable project.

One day we went to the museum of rural life, and in the 50’s farmhouse there were two rag rugs. I started chatting with the volunteer there, and he told me that all you needed is an object  to get the stripes of fabric throw the hessian fabric, usually an old fashioned peg.

If I remember well, those rugs were made from potato sacks, since the big move  is only a few months away am in a kind of hurry,so I just went to my local fabric shop. I tried to use the pegs he said, but found it easier with a double pointed needle and that’s what I’m using. I’m enjoying the process more than I thought, every time I work on it I can’t help but to imagine it’s place in front of a wood burning stove because it’s so warm and thick (and the nights are cold!); it’s not the most beautiful rug, but it’s very satisfying to know that otherwise those clothes would end up in a landfill and instead they are being given another life.

winter solstice celebration


the land of wishes: natural decorations



the land of wishes



the land of wishes: solstice wreath


the land of wishes: presents for the animals


the land of wishes


the land of wishes: solstice walk


the land of wishes


the land of wishes


the land of wishes: wee solstice fire

Happy birthday

Last week a very funny and cute baby turned two, TWO!

And I finally made a happy birthday sign. Do you know how long I have been meaning to do this? Since the older one was about to turn one. Do you know how old he is now? He turned seven in June… But, let’s focus on the positive side, it is made, and it will be used for many years to come.

Happy birthday my beautiful boy!

In case you might want to know, I used a 3mm wool felt to do the letters, from this shop.

Em português:

A semana passado um bebé muito engraçado e fofo fez dois anos, DOIS!

E finalmente fiz um letreiro dizer Happy Birthday. Sabem há quanto tempo que eu andava para fazer isto? Desde que o mais velho estava para fazer um ano. Sabem quantos anos que ele tem? Sete… mas vamos ver o lado positivo da coisa, o que importa é que está feito e que será usado por muitos anos.

Feliz aniversário meu bebé lindo!

No caso de ser útil, eu fiz as letras com feltro de lã, de 3mm desta loja.