a few finished things

The Winter solstice feels like a new Year to me, I felt the same in 2014, so I’m lacking that usual enthusiasm for the start of 2016 because for me the new cycle has already started. Besides Hogmanay always brings a kind of  pressure that I don’t appreciate,  the pressure to feel in a certain way, like Christmas and birthdays, so much expectation for this one day, that you don’t know how it will be but that must be a good one…

Anyway, I thought that I should also wrap up this Gregorian year with the craft projects that for some reason never made it to the blog, though they have been well loved, most of them.


Summer clothing. The shirt is from a japanese book, the skirt is this one.


It’s hard to find shop bought pants for this little one, actually, it’s impossible! The waist is always to big, the nappies helped to hold the trousers on place, but he hasn’t used nappies for a few months, so I took matter into my own hands…


one more pair of socks


A hat that wore on the West Highland way.


and an individualized jacket, because plain black doesn’t suit her



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