a new, old list of knitting projects


wool basket

Back in February I made a visual list of things from my knitting basket, garments to finish.

From eight I finished two, and changed my mind on what to use the yarn for another, so I’ll count three. That’s less than half! It did help a lot, on the few months after, but then… not so much, I think I forgot that list! True, I have completed other projects, that I’m very happy with, but still..

So here’s a new list, some new, and others migrated:

  • Pink Rubble– I just need to sew a seam, it’ll take ten minutes
  • Rosemary cardigan – I need to find the pattern and start on the sleeves, the body is done
  • This Alpaca jacket – The same, find pattern (it’s online,a bit easier!) and start the other sleeve, and then progress from there
  • A cardigan for my daughter – I’ve bought the pattern, need to print and start it.
  • I would really like to start on a color-work socks, we will see…
  • Indigo vest

Right, now I should keep this list in mind…


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