Big, big shawl

big star shawlbig star shawl (2)big star shawl (4)big star shawl (3)

Last week I finally finished my Big Star Shawl that I test knitted for Jules, from Wollenflower.

I really like the big scarf look, but better than that, it’s WARM! As you can see it covers a lot more than my neck, so its the extra layer I’ve been needing for these Scottish winter months, inside or outside.

I was very lucky with the yarn, it’s this one from Peace Fleece. I bought it on sale at Meadow Yarn, it was literally the only color available (I later bought more skeins of the non-dyed; such a good deal couldn’t let it pass…). I am very sensitive to the roughness/scratchiness of pure wool on my face and neck, but encouraged by Jules I washed it and it did make a big difference! I’m barely aware of it, which for me it’s very good!

Now, this shawl has long rows and because of that and the lace panel it took me longer than I anticipated. It was my first big lace project (I don’t think a child’s pullover with lace sleeves really counts), and though the lace panel its not hard to follow, I really had to pay attention to it, which meant I could only work on it once the children were in bed, however I think it was totally worth it, and would knit again without a shadow of doubt!

If you would like more details, here’s the Ravelry link.


Finally, there are two more pictures on Instagram, if you would like to see,  mine and the other from Jules.


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