The West Highland Way








About four weeks ago I was talking with a friend about her experience on long distance walking. A few days after that conversation, I realized that was exactly what I needed to do! And this being Scotland what better walk than the West Highland Way?

After doing some research, I decided to do it in seven days and sleep in Hostels or bunk houses. I would recommend booking accommodation a few weeks before you go, unlike me, as you might not get to stay exactly where you want. One day I had to take the bus from Kingshouse to Glen Coe Village because there was no accommodation at Kingshouse stage, and another day had to book a four person cabin because the others were all taken. I bought this book, but to be honest you can get all the information you need online.  The book however, has little extras, like plants and detailed maps that were useful, and I enjoyed reading about each stage without giving to much away. I also had this map on hand because I didn’t really liked the maps on the book and I tucked it on the waist straps, so I didn’t need to stop to look at it.

Something that I really appreciate about this walk, besides the scenery, is that its very well  signposted, making it very easy for someone like me, a novice or stranger to navigation, possible to complete it. Additionally I think that it has enough challenges to really feel like an achievement, but never felt impossible to complete it, even without any training before hand. I wouldn’t recommend that thou, because my knee suffered a little, after the long stretch from Rowardennan to Crianlarich, but it’s possible, even for someone who is not that fit…

I did it alone, but never felt alone or scared for tackling something like this on my own. Of course I did it this way because I was looking for the solitude , but at the same time was grateful for it to be a busy walk, both with day walkers or people walking the 154 km. On the whole I found myself alone for long periods of time, but felt safe enough that if something had happen to me, someone would pass at some point.

Another of the most asked questions is about midges… to which I don’t have much to say. If you do it at this time of the year, you either have rain or midges, there is no way around it. I had a homemade spray (and oil, but I gave that away to someone who had nothing and was camping) to keep those annoying critters away, which helped a little… You just have to keep moving, get the food out of the bag as soon as possible and keep walking, or sit in a windy spot, that helps too.

I loved it! It was an amazing experience and miss it every single day…


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