warm Spring

beach day

beach day

This Spring has been unusually warm and dry; we are enjoying it immensely really, with high doses of vitamin D, beach goings, gardening and even short sleeves (for short periods of time, but still)!

At the same time, in the garden,  there are patterns that are repeated, no matter how warm it is, some years later, some earlier, but Spring nonetheless.

My windows are once more turned into a green house. I start seedlings at home, where I can water them more frequently than in the allotment, then plant them into bigger pots and take them to the communal polytunnel in the allotment, this year I won’t have a space (something that I want to write more about later).




Sowing peas (thank you to Paul for these pictures)



and potatoes,

planting potatoes

planting potatoes

and of course, we can’t speak of Spring and not mention a flowering cherry tree.

cherry tree

bumble bee


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