Linn Park and wild garlic

Linn Park




Now we can say that Spring has arrived: we’ve had the first taste of Hawthorn leaves, the first potato and nettle soup, the first pick of wild garlic, we’ve seen many, many buds in the trees, the brown soil is slowly being covered by green, plants sprouting everywhere… and, and,and… It’s a busy, lovely time of the year in Scotland.

Linn Park

wild garlic

wild garlic pesto


It’s fairly easy to find wild garlic in Glasgow, Pollok Park and the river Kelvin come to mind, but in Linn Park the abundance is incredible! So the other day, when we were there with friends, we picked some. Today I made two batches of wild garlic pesto (I call it pesto, but I don’t use cheese; only nuts, wild garlic and olive oil) The one on the left is made with cashew nuts, which I had never used before but it might be my favorite, and the other with hazelnuts, because that’s what I had.

We use this in pasta, of course, but if you add more olive oil you can use as salad dressing or drizzled over roasted vegetables, potatoes, or pretty much anything…

This year I also want to try to make wild garlic pakora  and ravioli, which I intend to make every year, but I have never done it. Have you tried it?


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