Cairngorms National Park

Cairngorms National Park



Last week we left Glasgow for 3 nights. The highlights of this trip were the woods in the Cairngorms National Park, the snow that fell on the first night we were there (that I found so hard to photograph) and the drive  throw Glen Coe, which was snowy too…. It was amazing!

This last part you’ll just have to believe me because by then there was no battery left on the camera…

By the way, if you’re visiting Scotland for the first time, don’t bother to go to Loch Ness, head instead to Loch Lomond!


In this trip I realized something I didn’t expect when I decided to learn more about plants and trees. As I recognized many species along the road and in the woods, I felt more connected to the landscape, even as we drove. I wasn’t just appreciating it by it’s beauty or the well-being of being in it; it was more than that…

I remember reading somewhere ( I wish I remember where) that when you learn the name of a plant is like meeting somebody new. When you see that person in a group, you say, there’s so and so. The same with plants.

In turn, I can see this will have a snowball effect on my children. As we walked in the woods at Cairngorm, we marveled at how old the Birch trees looked and how tall the Scots pine were. I asked when they thought the heather or the broom would flower, and how there were still berries on the Juniper. We also spotted some red berries on a low bush, and later, together, learnt the name of a new plant, it’s name is cowberry or Lingonberry.


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