unfinished projects

I have two baskets full of unfinished projects, that need some attention to get going… To be honest, some of these projects have been like that for years… So, in attempt to organize them, now that I’m enjoying knitting again after a few months off ,  I took pictures of all the projects to create a kind of visual list of things to finish.


This one has been given top priority. I started it in 2013, when I was pregnant of him, and now, the size is just right… So I must finish it soon! Most of it I knitted it back then, and I have tried a few times to start on the other sleeve, but this is the problem of not taking notes or losing them, I couldn’t quite get the same size of gauge on the second sleeve. I have decided to try again with a 4mm and if it’s not the same, I will undo the first sleeve, and knit it with a 4mm again. Ravelry page.


This is what I have been knitting after I finish my last project. Initially it was a shawl, but after I finished it, I didn’t think I would use it often enough, so I decided to use the yarn instead for a cardigan. Until a few days ago, it was stuck on the yolk,  but now, back on action!  I might have enough yarn left for a hat, which is what I really need.


This one is actually too small for the person intended, and all that it needs to be finished is to sew the right side! I will give it away, which is a blessing really, since  I don’t want to be reminded of the time I was knitting this, so it will be good to give it away.


This one is a cardigan that I started last year. Not too bad compared to other projects on this list. I think that is the sleeves that I need to start on, not sure why it’s stuck.


This alpaca jacket is the oldest project; according to Ravelry it was started on March 29 2010, yep… that’s  a long time!

Three more to go:


A cardigan for my daughter.


Socks, which I hope to be my first colour work.


And a sweater.

That’s better! A bit more organized, instead of overwhelmed every time I look at those baskets.


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