the allotment



It’s been two years now that we got the allotment.

Because this was an extension to the establish allotments, there was very little here. An edge at the top with native trees (wild rose,  hawthorn, and weeds!); one half was covered with black plastic the other had two (big) raised beds built, one sowed with green manure. That’s it.

It was early May, and got busy, as much as I could with two young children; the next year I had another baby and now, well, is not as I would like it to be, but we’re getting there… The  variety is great, with fruit bushes, an apple tree, annual vegetables, perennials,  flowers, wildlife and a lot of Buttercups!

These pictures were taken last week, the day was warm and the bumble bees were very busy, between the lavender, chives and thyme I counted about 12!

The season has been once more slow, but there are green strawberries, flowers, the red onions are growing well, so are the climbing beans;  Jerusalem artichokes are starting to show as are beetroots,  blue berries ,which I think have a very beautiful tiny flower(not shown in the picture as that was weeks before) and so much more…


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